Richard B. Evans


as Richard Bunger and Richard B. Evans
  1. MUSICAL THEATRE SHOWS (as Richard B. Evans)
  • HAMLET’s BIG HOLIDAY, Shakespeare’s Lost Musical Comedy. Music by Richard B. Evans, Book & Lyrics by Howard Ervin. An original mash-up caper where the irrepressible Falstaff takes the reluctant Hamlet under his wing to show him what he’s been missing in life. The play IS the thing, and all ends quite well.  4 Men, 4 Women, plus minimum 4 supporting roles and 1 offstage voice. Demo CD and Libretto available.
  • SO NICE TO COME HOME TO, Based on 2 Plays by James M. Barrie.  Music & Book by Richard B. Evans, Lyrics & Book by Kate Hancock.  Commissioned and premiered by the Cinnabar Theatre, October-November 2012.  3 Men, 3 Women.  Demo CD and Libretto available.
  • ENCHANTED APRIL, A Musical Romance.  Music by Richard B. Evans, Lyrics & Book by Charles Leipart. Based on Elizabeth von Arnim's 1922 novel, The Enchanted April. Industry Readings March 2010, 2012, NYC. Workshop at Washington DC's Kogod Cradle (Arena Stage) w/ Robert Pullen, dir, Stephen Brotebeck, co-dir, Luke Frazier, music director. Principals: 4 Women, 3 Men; Supporting: 2 Women, 2 Men. Script & Demo CD available.
  • THE PLAYBOY OF BALYDUFF, An Irish Musical Comedy. Music by Richard B. Evans, Lyrics by Kate Hancock, Book by Evans & Hancock, based on the 1907 comedy by John Millington Synge. Staged readings at Chicago's Stages Festival of New Musicals, July 2005; the Irish Arts Center, NYC, February 2004; the York Theatre, NYC, March 2004; the Manhattan Theatre Club, NYC, August 2003. Core Cast of 5 Men, 4 Women plus optional Chorus/Dancers and Irish Band. Script & Demo CD available.
  • THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING, An Economic Vaudeville. Based on Thorstein Veblen's THEORY OF THE LEISURE CLASS. Music by Richard B. Evans, Book & Lyrics by Charles Leipart. Premiere Production, March 2005, at the Provincetown Playhouse, NYC. Staged readings at the Abingdon Theatre, NYC, June 2004; Chicago's Stages Festival of New Musicals, July 2002; Musical Mondays at the Broadway Theatre Institute NYC, November 2002; National Alliance for Musical Theatre, NYC, September 2002. Cast of 9. Script & Demo CD available.
  • RIPE! The Not-Ready-For-Middle-Age Musical. Music by Richard B. Evans, Lyrics by Frank Evans. Staged readings at the Abingdon Theatre, NYC, 2006; the Broadway Theatre Institute, NYC, Spring 2003. Cast of 3-5 Singers. Script & Demo CD available.
  • THE GOLDEN TOUCH, A Musical Fantasy. Music by Richard B. Evans, Book & Lyrics by Maryrose Wood. Commission and full production by the International Institute of Vocal Arts at The Theatre at Riverside Church, NYC, February 2001. Dr. Richard Barrett, Director & Music Director. Cast of 6 plus optional children. Demo CD available.
  1. OPERA & ORATORIO (as Richard B. Evans) 

    DUBLIN 1916, The Poet-Patriots. An Irish Oratorio. Music & Book by Richard B. Evans, Words by William Butler Yeats, Maud Gonne, Patrick Pearse, Francis Ledwidge, et al. Singers include Nicolle Foland, Dennis McNeil, Christy O’Leary, and Richard Haile, with Boys of the Lough, the Sonora String Quartet and the University of Washington Singers. Cast of 4 classically-trained singers, 1 traditionally-trained Irish singer, Chorus, String Orchestra, Harpsichord, Organ, Percussion. Demo CD available. Score and parts available on rental.

    MIDAS & MARIGOLD Music by Richard B. Evans, Book by ‘vid Buttaro & Squire Fridell, Lyrics by ‘vid Buttaro. Premiere Production, TCU, Ft. Worth, TX, 2000. First Reading, San Francisco, CA. Cast: Soubrette, Contralto, Tenor, Bass-Baritone, optional children. Script & CD of the entire work available. Score and parts available on rental.
    • Seacastle Music Company, Sonoma, CA (R. B. Evans)
    • Byron Hoyt Music Company, San Francisco, CA (R. B. Evans) 
    •  Alexander Broude, New York City (R. Bunger)
    • Carl Fischer, New York City (R. Bunger)
    • Highgate Press, New York City (R. Bunger)
    • THE WELL-PREPARED PIANO, published in the U.S. by Colorado College Music Press, and subsequently in Japan by Zen-On Limited, Tokyo, 1978. Second revised edition published in the U.S by Littoral Arts Press, 1981. The authoritative source on this topic, with a Foreword by John Cage (R. Bunger)
    • Editor of various piano scores by John Cage for publication by C. F. Peters (Bunger’s handwritten notes are in the New York Public Library Performing Arts Division) (R. Bunger)
    • 17 Articles in professional journals and commercial publications (R. Bunger)
    • Richard Bunger Evans’ work cited in numerous textbooks and other publications (R. Bunger)
    • “A Musiglyph Primer.” A comprehensive notational system for musical techniques beyond the traditional means of playing musical instruments. Published in NUMUS WEST music journal, 1974 (R. Bunger)
    • "BUT WHICH COMES FIRST...? A Handbook for Composing Lyrics and Music for Musical Theatre", (R. B. Evans, 2011)
  4. CONCERTS, TOURS & LECTURES (as Richard Bunger)
    • Concerts, recitals and lecture-recitals presented on over 50 college and university campuses throughout North America, featuring music by 20th-Century American composers. Two concert tours in Europe, including concerts in Berlin, Paris, Oslo, and recordings for the BBC London, ORTF Paris, Oslo Radio, and Radio Berlin. Piano soloist with the National Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, the Denver Symphony, the Ensemble Contemporaine de Musique de Paris, and at the Hollywood Bowl.
  5. ACADEMIC INNOVATION (as Richard Bunger)       
    • Founded and Directed the Electronic Music & Recording Program (EM&R) at California State University, Dominguez Hills campus, the first interdisciplinary degree program (music, electronics, media) of its type on the West Coast, and the prototype for many such programs subsequently offered across the country.
    (as Richard Bunger & Richard B. Evans) 
    • Cited in Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Music & Musicians
    • Martha Baird Rockefeller Foundation
    • Minister of the Arts, Republic of Ireland
    • Cornell University
    • San Francisco Boys Choir
    • Geraldine O’Grady (Concert Violinist)
    • American Song Festival
    • American College Theatre Festival
    • Boys of the Lough (Celtic Band)
    • Zabavicka Foundation
    • Tango Arts Education Foundation
    • Toyota Corporation
    • Fund for Innovation in the Educational Process
    • National Federation of Music Clubs
    • Bennington Composers Conference
    • Statewide Outstanding Professor, 21-campus California State University System
    • American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers
    • Broadcast Music Inc.
    • Graduate Assistantship: University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
    (as Richard Bunger)   
    • PREPARED PIANO: THE FIRST FOUR DECADES. Musical Heritage Society. Music by Richard Bunger, John Cage, Lou Harrison et al. Richard Bunger, pianist.
    • THE PERILOUS NIGHT and Other New Sounds in American Music. Avant Records. Music by Cage, Lazarof, et al. Richard Bunger, pianist.
    • AKWAN, for Piano, Electric Piano, Amplified Strings and Orchestra. Music by Olly Wilson. Columbia Masterworks. Richard Bunger, pianist.
    • MARRIAGE AT THE EIFFEL TOWER, Music by John Cage. Also features Cage’s IV DANCES (What So Proudly We Hail), 1942, composed for Hanya Holm. Richard Bunger, pianist.
    • SPONTANEOUS EARTH, Music by John Cage. Includes Bunger’s performances of early Cage works for piano and prepared piano, his realization of Cage’s WATER MUSIC and MUSIC FOR PIANO 69-84, as well as two monumental realizations for instrumental ensemble and pipe organ of John Cage’s VARIATIONS I, and Bunger’s reconstruction of Cage’s TRIPLE PACED.
    • THE GOOD WOMAN OF SETZUAN. Music by Richard B. Evans, Book & Lyrics by Bertolt Brecht. Charlotte, NC, 1967. Cast of 25, wth orchestra of Chinese instruments, sets, constumes, etc..
    • LOVE’S LABOURS LOST. Music by Richard Bunger, Book by William Shakespeare. Carson, CA. 1975. Full cast, costumes, lighting, etc. Music for prerecorded Electronic Tape.
    • TYBURN FAIR. Music by Richard B. Evans, Book & Lyrics by Donald Winks. San Francisco, CA 1991. Cast of 43, with full orchestra, sets, costumes, lighting, etc.
    • SHERWOOD ESTATES. Music by Richard B. Evans, Book & Lyrics by Richard C. Dehmel. San Francisco, CA 1993. Cast of 35, with pit band of 15, sets, costumes, lighting, etc.
    • PENITENTIARY ON PARADE. Music by Richard B. Evans, Book & Lyrics by Richard Haile. San Francisco, CA, 2006.
    • LEPRECHAN. Music by Richard B. Evans, Book & Lyrics by Mark Cleary. San Francisco, CA, 2007.
    • EASY GOING. Music by Richard B. Evans, Book & Lyrics by Richard Haile. San Francisco, CA, 2008.
    • CASANOVA. Music by Richard B. Evans, Book & Lyrics by Howard Ervin. Work in progress.
  9. EDUCATION (as Richard Bunger)    
    • B. Mus. Oberlin College Conservatory. Major: Piano Performance & Literature. Minor: Music Theory & Composition.
    • M. Mus. University of Illinois. Major: Piano Performance & Literature. Minor: Musicology.
    • Postgraduate work, University of Kentucky, Lexington.
    • Solo Piano Repertoire
    • Accompanying
    • Sight Reading
    • Vocal Coaching (Opera, Art Songs, Leider, Broadway)
    • Chamber Music
    • Avant Garde Music
    • Music Directing
    • Finale™ Music Notation
    • Music Theory & Analysis
    • Counterpoint
    • Composing Lyrics and Music for Musical Theatre
    • Conducting
    • Stage Directing
    • Broadway
    • Classical (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, Avant Garde)
    • Opera
    • Operetta
    • Traditional Irish Music
    • Pop, Jazz, Big Band
    • Ragtime
  12. NEW YORK THEATRE REFERENCES  (as Richard B. Evans)      
    • Aaron Frankel (Director, Author: Writing the Broadway Musical)
    • Jack Lee (Tony winning Music Director)
    • Thommie Walsh (Tony winning Director-Choreographer)
    • Bick Goss (Director-Choreographer; Producer of “Musical Mondays”) 
    • Karen Azenburg (Director of THEORY OF THE LEISURE CLASS at Provincetown Playhouse, NYC) 
  13. ACADEMIC LETTERS OF REFERENCE: (partial list)  (as Richard Bunger)
    • Dr. Donald R. Gerth, President, California State University, Dominguez Hills, and President, California State University, Sacramento
    • John Cage, Composer
    • Arthur Hamilton, Vice President, ASCAP; Vice President, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
    • Leonard Stein, Director, The Arnold Schoenberg Institute
    • Tom Darter, Editor, Contemporary Keyboard Magazine
    • Joaquim Benitez, Professor of Musicology, and Jo Kondo, Composer, Elisabeth University, Hiroshima, Japan
    • Barbara English Maris, President, The College Music Society
  14. TEACHING EXPERIENCE (as Richard Bunger)
    1970 - 1983 Professor of Music, California State University, Dominguez Hills   
    • Taught Piano, Composition, Music Theory, Form & Analysis, Organ, Songwriting, Electronic Music, Audio Recording & Acoustics
    • Founder-Director of the Electronic Music & Recording Program
    • Composed Music for University Theatre Productions: Love's Labours Lost (Shakespeare), Oedipus Rex (Sophocles). 
    • Composer of University Alma Mater
    • Performed Faculty Recitals – Solo Piano, Ensembles, Compositions
    • Named Campus-Wide and California State-Wide Outstanding Professor
1968 - 1969 Instructor in Music Theory, Oberlin College Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, Ohio  
  • Taught Music Theory, Form & Analysis
  • Performed Faculty Recitals – Solo Piano, Chamber Music
  • Compositions performed during Festival of New Music
1965 - 1968 Assistant Professor of Music, Queens College, Charlotte, NC    
  • Taught Piano, Music Theory, Composition, Orchestration, Counterpoint
  • Composed original music for College Theatre Production:The Good Woman of Setzuan (Brecht).
  • Composed original music for the College Choir: Jiuta, for Speech Choir, Guitar (Shamisen), Percussion, Recorder (Shakuhachi), and Soprano Soloist, on Haiku texts
  • Performed Faculty Recitals – Solo Piano, Art Songs and Chamber Music


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