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Richard B. Evans
- An Irish Musical Comedy

The Playboy of the Western World


Music by Richard B. Evans

Lyrics by Kate Hancock

Book by Hancock & Evans


Chicago Sun Times: "...This show deserves a thriving future. Along with its ready-made tragicomic story and marvelous characters, it comes with a lovely lyrical score that very skillfully blends traditional Irish melodies and a Broadway sound." 

THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD, a delight-filled new Irish Musical Comedy – Life in the village of Balyduff is turned upside down by the sudden appearance of a handsome, mysterious stranger – who claims to have killed his lout of a father! Awed by the audacity of his act, the village embraces – (and curses!)  – this courageous and charming new hero, and Christy Mahon is dubbed THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD!! As the women vie for Christy's favor, poor Sean Keogh struggles to hang on to his fiancée, the fiery Pegeen, as she falls for the 'brave' stranger. And the crafty Widow Quin, a dance contest, and a 'dead' father ensure there's no end to the surprises in store for Balyduff!

But is Christy a brave lad done a bold deed, or is his just a tall tale that enthralls this remote Irish village and threatens to change their safe and familiar world forever? 

Beware, hero - celebrity has its price!

Based on the renowned Irish comedy, The Playboy of the Western World, by John Millington Synge. Inspiring riots at its initial production, this outrageous story has been re-imagined as a riotous and ironic Broadway musical comedy full of laughter, romance, Irish music and dance!






1. Overture

(Pegeen & Cast, Offstage)

2. Dreams

(Pegeen, Sarah, Honor)

3. You're English, Aren't You?


4. The Road to Hell

(Sean, Michael, Jimmy)

5. Grand Altogether in Balyduff 

(Widow Quin, Pegeen, Father Aloysius, Jimmy, Michael, Philly, Villagers)

6. The Ballad of Christy Mahon

(Michael, Jimmy, Christy)

7. There's a Great Temptation in a Hero

(Widow, Pegeen)

8A. The Lad She Sees

(Christy, Pegeen)

8B. Night Music Interlude 

(Orchestra & Offstage Chorus)

9. The Old Christy Mahon's No More 


10. Do Ya Fancy?

(Sara, Honor, Nellie, Widow)

11. Strike a Little Bargain

(Widow, Sean)





12A. A Pitiful Stuttering Lout 

(Old Mahon)       

12B. Christy's Rejoinder  

(Christy, Widow)

13. What's a Man Without a Woman?  

(Widow, Christy)

14. Festival Music  

(Cast, Orchestra)

15A. A Young Irish Woman

(Pegeen, Philly, Jimmy, Michael)

15B. Dancing Competition Music

(Cast, Orchestra)

16. Playboy of the Western World 


17A. The Ballad of Old Mahon 

(Old Mahon)

17B. Playboy of the Western World, 
Offstage Reprise 


18A. The Light of Seven Heavens  

(Christy, Pegeen)

18B. Connemara  

(Christy, Pegeen)

19. Christy's Farewell 


20. In the Morning

21. Connemara Home Reprise

(Pegeen & Offstage Chorus)             

(Christy, Pegeen)


NYC's York Theatre

Cast & crew from the staged reading of THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD at the York Theatre, NYC, included: Paul Castree, Joe Kolinski,  Sarah Nadeau, Erin Davie, Jeff Cyronek, Max Von Essen, Felicity LaFortune,  P. J. Benjamin, Stacie Morgain Lewis,  Michael Flanigan, Kathleen Early. Robert Mikulski (Music Director), Maggie Harrer (Director), Bob Goldstone (Assoc. Music Director), Kate Hancock (Lyricist, Co-Bookwriter), Richard B. Evans (Composer, Co-Bookwriter).


Staged readings were also presented at NYC's Irish Arts Center, and the Manhattan Theatre Club.

Chicago's Stages Festivals of New Musicals

THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD, An Irish Musical Comedy, was selected in a national competition to be given a fully staged reading at the Chicago Stages Festival of New Musicals.



Directed by Ilesa Duncan; Jon Steinhagen, (Music Director). Cast: Anne Acker, Nancy Kolton, Andrew Lambertson, Aaron Minnick, Andrew Nadon, Jim Sherman, Scott J. Sumerak, Amy Steele, Lance D. Taylor, Jeny Wasilewski, Sarah Weis, Bill Zorn.

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