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Richard B. Evans
MIDAS & MARIGOLD - A Family Operetta


MIDAS & MARIGOLD, A Timeless Musical Fable, is a delightful family operetta. A lonely King wishes for more gold; his teenage daughter Marigold cares for her rose garden, but wishes instead for her father’s love. The Chamberlain tries to bring them together, but when the Ghost of the Queen casts a magical spell granting Midas the “golden touch,” they must all finally learn the meaning of love.

Book & Lyrics by ‘vid Buttaro and Squire Fridell, Music by Richard B. Evans.


MIDAS & MARIGOLD was first produced and directed by Dr. Richard Estes, Director of Opera Theater at Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth, Texas. Produced by the TCU Music Department, in the Ed Landreth Theatre.

This recording features Richard Haile as King Midas; Angela Cadelago as Princess Marigold, the teenage daughter of King Midas; 'vid Buttaro as the Chamberlain; Maria Barnet as the Ghost of King Midas' wife, Mary.

The CD is available for sale here. For scores and libretto, contact us here.


Marigold & Flowers
Chamberlain & King Midas
Marigold, Chamberlain & Midas
Scene 4: What Do You Really Want?
Midas & His Queen Mary (a ghost)
Prologue to Act Two: Dawning
Scene 1: It's Gold!
Chamberlain & Midas
Scene 2: The Golden Touch
Marigold, Midas, Chamberlain
Entr'acte: Weary With Gold
Chamberlain, Midas
Mary, Midas, Chamberlain, Marigold, Flowers             

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